Hamilton cast unveil new song encouraging Americans to vote in midterm elections

"It might be nice, it might be nice, to get democracy back on track..."

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“Text less, vote more, show everyone what you’re against or what you’re for!”


That’s the message the Broadway cast of hit musical Hamilton are sending US citizens ahead of midterm elections on Tuesday 6th November.

The show’s music director, Kurt Crowley, rewrote Lin-Manuel Miranda’s original lyrics for Washington On Your Side, titling it The Election of 2018. In a video posted by Deanna Weiner, the musical’s assistant stage manager, cast members are seen singing the new rendition.

“The company of Hamilton will get no satisfaction, until we raise the voter turnout with a plan of action,” sing cast members including Daniel Breaker (Aaron Burr), Wallace Smith (Hercules Mulligan/James Madison) and ensemble member Eddy Lee.

“It’s 2018 ladies, tell your husbands it’s your turn!,” Breaker sings (the line usual reads ‘… tell your husbands vote for Burr’).

They also note the low turnout of the last midterm election (just 37 per cent) before singing: “It might be nice, it might be nice to get democracy back on track.”

The song also refers to some of the excuses people use to justify why they don’t vote, including: “I don’t like voting. I live in New York my vote is wasted. It’s on a Tuesday. I had my ballot mailed but I misplaced it. I never read the news and I’m embarrassed of my ignorance.”


However, “no matter where you live your vote can surely make a difference”.