Avengers fan theory: Strictly’s Darcey Bussell has stolen the Infinity Stones from Thanos

Viewers are theorising about a dubious Strictly/Marvel crossover


Strictly Come Dancing viewers have a new theory about Avengers 4 — and it involves judge Darcey Bussell’s interesting choice of jewellery…


Strictly’s Movie Week saw an array of film-inspired costumes, from yellow minions to Danny and Sandy from Grease, but Bussell’s brightly coloured earrings stole the show for some viewers watching at home, who began to theorise about what they could mean.

Many believed the earrings resembled the Infinity Stones that Thanos (Josh Brolin) collects in Avengers 3 — and as speculation mounts over the upcoming Avengers 4, Strictly viewers think they’ve got the plot all sussed out.

“Darcey Bussell seems to have stolen the infinity stones and put them in earrings instead of a gauntlet. Interesting plot twist for Avengers 4,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

“Has Darcey nicked those earrings from Thanos?” another Twitter user mused.

“#StrictlyComeDancing meets #AvengersInfinityWar when Darcey Bussell finally collects all the infinity stones in her earrings,” another viewer posted alongside an image of Bussell as Thanos.


If Josh Brolin pulls out of the next Avengers film, it looks like we’ve already found his replacement.