What Premier League games are free to air? Where to watch free games

The Premier League is back with more live coverage than ever before including fixtures on free-to-air TV

Man City Sergio Aguero

The first week of matches has been played without a hitch – unless you’re a goal-line technology enthusiast, hater of artificial crowd noise or David Luiz.


Plenty of drama, unexpected results and countless talking points have ensured the Premier League is truly back, and a huge chunk of games will be broadcast on free-to-air TV for the first time in the league’s history.

BBC broadcast their first live Premier League game at the weekend, Bournemouth v Crystal Palace, to a peak audience of 3.9million, while Sky’s free-to-air Pick TV channel boasted Everton v Liverpool and 5.5 million tuned in on Sunday to soak it up.

By the time the season is etched into the history books, nine rounds of Premier League fixtures will have been played by the end of July. Under normal circumstances, a solid number of those games would’ve been viewable on subscription channels but, of course, we’re not in normal circumstances.

Every single game will be shown live in some shape or form, with a third of those games to be shown on free-to-air channels – an unprecedented move for the most lucrative football division in the world.

Due to games being played behind closed doors, fans will only be able to catch up on the action remotely through their TV, laptop or devices, and several broadcasters have opened the gates for more free-to-air footy than ever before.

We’ve rounded up all the info on free-to-air Premier League football below – plus a full list of free games and how to watch them.

Free-to-air Premier League football on BBC

Free Premier League games on BBC: 4

You heard it, the BBC are showing four Premier League games across their platforms for the first time since the league’s inception in 1992.

The first game shown on a primetime BBC slot was Bournemouth v Crystal Palace, with the Eagles running out 2-0 winners at the Vitality Stadium.

We’ve got the full list below and will continue to update you with more free-to-air matches.

Premier League games on BBC – full list

Free-to-air Premier League football on Amazon Prime Video

Free Premier League games on Amazon Prime Video: 4

Amazon Prime Video moved into the Premier League TV market for the first time during this three-year cycle.

The online shopping giant bought the rights to two full rounds of games in December including the Boxing Day fixtures, tying in nicely with their bid to capitalise on Christmas sales with Amazon Prime covering both their delivery and video services.

They have been allocated four games to distribute as they see fit, and it has been announced that all of those matches will be made available to the public free of charge – another major win for the consumer.

Premier League games on Amazon Prime – full list

Free-to-air Premier League football on Sky Sports

Free Premier League games on Sky Sports: 25

The biggest broadcaster in the Premier League business has always – and will continue to be – Sky Sports.

They were due to air another 39 games before the end of the season, but their allocation has been bumped up to 64 in total, around two thirds of the remaining fixtures.

Sky Sports have confirmed that all 25 of their additional games will be shown live on free-to-air channel Pick TV (available on Sky, Virgin Media and Freeview).

Premier League games on Sky Sports – full list

Premier League games on Pick TV – full list

Free-to-air Premier League football on BT Sport

Free Premier League games on BT Sport: 0

BT Sport have the rights to 20 of the remaining fixtures, though they have not made any available on free-to-air TV.

Their allocation has risen from their original number of games, but further plans may not be announced until the fixtures and schedule is set in stone.

However, BT Sport do have a history of making games free-to-air including the all-English Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham in 2019.

Premier League games on BT Sport – full list

What Premier League games are free-to-air?

Wednesday 24th June

Manchester United v Sheffield United (6pm) Pick TV

Norwich v Everton (6pm) BBC

Thursday 25th June

Burnley v Watford (6pm) Pick TV

Sunday 28th June

Watford v Southampton (4:30pm) Pick TV

Monday 29th June

Crystal Palace v Burnley (8pm) Amazon Prime

Tuesday 30th June

Brighton v Manchester United (8:15pm) Pick TV

Wednesday 1st July

Bournemouth v Newcastle (6pm) Pick TV

Saturday 4th July

Leicester v Crystal Palace (3pm) Pick TV

Sunday 5th July

Burnley v Sheffield United (12pm) Pick TV

Southampton v Man City (7pm) BBC

Tuesday 7th July

Watford v Norwich (6pm) Pick TV

Thursday 9th July

Bournemouth v Tottenham (6pm) Pick TV

Everton v Southampton (6pm) Amazon Prime

Saturday 11th July

Watford v Newcastle (12:30pm) Amazon Prime

Sunday 12th July

Wolves v Everton (12pm) Pick TV

Bournemouth v Leicester (7pm) Pick TV

Monday 13th July

Man Utd v Southampton (8pm) Pick TV

More to be confirmed…

Premier League results on free-to-air TV

Friday 19th June

Norwich 0-3 Southampton

Saturday 20th June

Bournemouth 0-2 Crystal Palace

Sunday 21st June

Newcastle 3-0 Sheffield United

Everton 0-0 Liverpool

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