Jack faces jail for confronting Tiffany’s rapist in EastEnders

The ex-cop pays a big price as he tries to get justice for his niece


EastEnders‘ Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) is out for revenge on the man who raped his niece Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith), but a showdown between the former police officer and the thug spirals out of control – with shocking consequences.


Traumatised Tiff admitted to her uncle she was the victim of a terrifying sexual assault while on the run with the dangerous gang who forced her into drug running across county lines. The teenager decided not to involve the police and Jack is the only person who knows what she went through, but when her attacker, Fraser, was spotted on the Square recently Tiff’s nightmare resurfaced.

After confronting Fraser herself Tiff considers the issue closed and on Tuesday 25th June tells protective Jack to drop the matter as he frets about how she’s coping since seeing him again.

Still desperate to get justice for Tiff, Jack struggles to keep to his word when he has a terse exchange with Fraser in the park and he checks in with an old copper colleague to see if there is anything the boys in blue can do to help.

When that becomes a dead end and it appears Fraser will continue to get away with his crime, Jack takes the law into his own hands and follows Fraser – what is he planning?


Is Jack going to be arrested?

The two men meet again the second of a double bill on Tuesday 25th June and this time they come to blows. Soon the situation escalates, but could Jack end up being the one who gets sent down in a cruel twist of fate?

EastEnders’ recent summer 2019 trailer showed a shaken Jack being led away by the police after being charged with assault, while an emotional Tiff looked on at her uncle being apprehended.


Does this mean the tables are turned on the one-time bobby and he becomes the criminal, while the real villain walks free? Will Tiff change her mind about reporting Fraser’s assault in order to save her uncle? Surely prison is not a safe place for a cop, even someone as tough as square-jawed Jack?


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