5 questions we have after Clique series 2 episode 1

Clique is back – and has most definitely made its presence felt after that explosive first episode

Synnove Karlsen as Holly in Clique Series 1

University-based thriller Clique has returned for its sophomore year, and while it seems our heroine Holly McStay may have just wanted ‘a quiet one’, she’s about to find herself plunged headfirst into yet another campus-wide drama.


The shocking closing scenes, in which her housemates Rayna and Fraser are brutally attacked by two masked assailants, seemingly bring us right into the heart of the drama which will be the focus for series two.

As we get ready to become obsessed yet again, here are five things we were left wondering after the first episode.

1. Where is Georgia?

Clique Series 1 - BBC
The cast of Clique Series 1 (BBC)

The whole point of the first series of Clique was Holly’s intensely close friendship with Georgia, which came under threat when Georgia got sucked into the murky world of Solasta Finance.

So it seemed a bit perturbing when Georgia, played by Aisling Franciosi, isn’t even mentioned by Holly and doesn’t feature at all in the episode.

The end of the first series seemed to suggest the pair could be on the way to repair their friendship, but with a lack of appearance from Georgia (and Franciosi not appearing on any cast lists so far), we have to assume that Holly has moved on – which may be why she’s isolating herself from everyone else.

2. What’s Ben’s game?

Ben, Clique (BBC)
Ben, Clique (BBC)

He’s introduced very briefly while being served by Holly at the bar, but we’re expecting to see a whole lot more of new character Ben (played by Richard Gadd) in future episodes. We see him briefly cosy up to the all-new male clique when they come to visit him at the pub, and he’s also behind the increasingly murky and provocative media site Twitcher. He says he and Holly are ‘similar’ when he hands over his business card – what could he be up to?

3. Who is Jay Galatas based on?

Right-wing provocateur Jay Galatas makes an appearance in series two episode one, and is left mortally embarrassed when Holly effortlessly shuts him down after he tries to gatecrash a feminist society event. While Clique writer Jess Brittain says the new series is not intended to have a political slant, she does suggest that Galatas was based on a real life figure of a similar ilk. Any ideas?

4. What’s Rachel up to?

Clique, Rachel (BBC)
Clique, Rachel (BBC)

The psychopathic Rachel is now in a secure unit after the first series, but she still seems to be able to get inside Holly’s head, at one point asking her whether she wants to “f*** or kill” new love interest Jack. She definitely piqued our interest however when we discovered she has a secret phone in the hospital.

Stalking Holly’s social media profiles, it’s clear Rachel is still obsessed with her best friend, but will she be willing to kill for her once again? She’s more than capable of breaking out of the secure unit, if she’s anything like she was in series one.

5. Who is behind that brutal attack on Rayna and Fraser?

Clique boys, series 2 (BBC)
Clique boys, series 2 (BBC)

Much like Holly, we found new characters Fraser and Rayna intensely irritating when they were first introduced as her new housemates – but our perceptions change when we see them brutally beaten at the end of the first episode.

Taking Rayna home after a boozy (and coke-y) beach party, Fraser is brutally beaten. Meanwhile, it is strongly implied that Rayna is sexually assaulted, as she’s next spotted running naked through the beach with something scrawled on her back.

At first it appears the new ‘clique’ are behind the attack, especially as we see gang leader Jack breathing heavily as he stares through a door.

But nothing is as it seems in Clique, with actor Leo Suter, who plays Jack, promising even more “twists and turns” this series.

We can’t wait…


Clique continues Saturdays on BBC3

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