EastEnders reveals the REAL reason Iqra and Habiba are in Walford…

The Ahmed sisters are on the run!


The mystery surrounding what EastEnders newcomers Iqra Ahmed (Priya Davdra) and her sister Habiba Ahmed (Rukku Nahar) are hiding started to unfold on Monday 25 February when it was revealed Iqra has run away away from an arranged marriage and is doesn’t want to be found by the rest of her family.


Masood’s nieces rocked up in Walford last week with the clear intention of trying to lay low for a while, shutting down any attempt by their uncle to contact their clan and alert them to their presence before he drove off into the sunset leaving them in charge of his restaurant and home.

Suspicion about what really brought the sisters to the Square has been rife since their arrival, but Iqra’s reaction to Ruby Allen posting a picture of her on social media to promote an event at Walford East sparked a furtive conversation between the girls that made it very obvious they did not want to be found.

Later, Iqra opened up about escaping the arranged marriage as Habiba encouraged her not to hide away. “This is about us standing up for the lives we want to live,” she said, inspiring her stressed sibling to embrace their new start and make the evening’s event at the restaurant go with a bang.


What do we know about Iqra’s ruined wedding?

Unfortunately, the party was brought to a halt when Ruby was arrested for rape in front of the punters, but back at home the sisters drip-fed fans more details on their backstory as Iqra expressed regret she had let the wedding plans get out of hand before fleeing, fearing she had ruined their father’s reputation and finances by running out at the last minute when the lavish ceremony was all paid for.

“This marriage has always been more about merging businesses than your happiness,” said Habiba, as guilty Iqra wondered if she’d ever be able to scrap enough money together to pay her dad back for the wedding that never was.

With the social media post hinting more of the Ahmeds could now track the sisters down, will Iqra be forced to face the music sooner than she thinks? And did flighty Habiba just follow her sister out of sibling loyalty, or does she have her own agenda for doing a runner? All in good time…


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