Lewis Archer killed off on Coronation Street – and Audrey is blaming Gail!

Nigel Havers bows out of the ITV soap

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Audrey Roberts has been left distraught on tonight’s Coronation Street after finding partner Lewis Archer dead on their bedroom floor.


Nigel Havers’s final scenes on the ITV soap saw Audrey (Sue Nicholls) left crying over Lewis’s corpse, having discovered that the former Corrie cad was planning on proposing.

With Lewis having swindled the Platts in the past, Gail (Helen Worth) had been wary of her mum rekindling her romance with the convicted fraudster. However, in the run up to his death, Lewis was seen swearing that he’d turned over a new leaf.

But after it looked like she’d been stood up for a dinner engagement, Audrey started to think that Gail could be right about the previously amoral Mr Archer. Heading back to her home on Grasmere Drive, Audrey then got the shock of her life when she found that Lewis had passed away with an engagement ring in his hand.

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Earlier in Tuesday’s hour-long New Year’s Day episode, Lewis had complained of chest pains and decided to visit the GP, though Audrey had dismissed his medical anxiety, having been influenced by Gail’s suspicions. Now it looks as though Audrey is set to blame her daughter for Lewis’s demise.

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In years to come, it’s doubtful that Audrey will have much cause to celebrate New Year – her husband Alf having also died from a fatal heart attack exactly 20 years ago.


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