Meet the cast of The Loch

Siobhan Finneran and Laura Fraser star in the new six-part series on ITV

Jenny Ryan – Nicole Patterson 



Who does she play? Nicole Patterson is the mother of Jonjo. She’s a bit less harsh on the boy than his dad is.

Where have I seen her before? Jenny Ryan played Sally Stewart in Waterloo Road. She also starred as Amanda in the TV series Cracked.

Simone Lahbib – Mhari Toner


Who does she play? Mhari Toner is Annie’s friend and sparring partner. She has a son in Evie’s class at sixth form college.

Where have I seen her before? Simone Lahbib played Laura Cereta in Da Vinci’s Demons. She has also been in Monarch of the Glen, Bad Girls, Wire in the Blood and London Bridge.

Conor McCarry – Dessie Toner


Who does he play? Retiring teen Dessie gets bullied by Baxter and protected by Evie and Kieran. He knew the victim Niall Swift.

Where have I seen him before? Conor McCarry appeared as Jacob Dodridge in The Night Manager alongside Tom Hiddleston. He’s also made brief appearances in Rillington Place, Anna Karenina and Battleship.

Fraser James – Oliver Tench


Who does he play? Tench is a ghost from Leighton Thomas’ past. He was an accessory to the murders Leighton committed all those years go, and when he sees his old friend on TV on the news he decides to pay him a visit. But he is surprised to find himself unwelcome in Leighton’s house as the ex-con tries to protect his new life. Tench is a volatile, vulnerable and dangerous character.


Where have I seen him before? Fraser James popped up in a recent episode of Death in Paradise. He’s also been in Wolfblood, Law & Order and Holby City.