Emmerdale spoilers: Rebecca to be killed by sinister nurse?

Is this the moment Rebecca meets her maker?


Rebecca White has diced with danger so many times of late that it’s hard to keep track. But Emmerdale fans should brace themselves for another twist in next week’s episodes when the nurse who is seemingly holding Rebecca against her will advances towards her patient with a loaded syringe.


As we saw in last night’s episode of the ITV soap, a frantic Rebecca is currently being kept in a windowless room under the ministrations of a nurse who is giving her medication while also keeping her locked up. At the moment, it appears as though the woman believes her employer Lachlan’s version of events, but events look set to take a further sinister turn when the nurse learns that the murderous Mr White has been arrested.

Sensing that things aren’t going as planned, the nurse decides to take action and will be seen attempting to ‘reassure’ Rebecca that her ordeal will be over soon before leaning in with a syringe at the ready. So is Rebecca’s life on the line yet again? And will she be able to escape the nurse’s clutches?


An already tense situation then looks set to come to a head when Robert finally learns from Lachlan where Rebecca is being held and races to what her thinks is her current location. But after breaking into the room, Robert is horrified to find it empty. And, even worse, he can see signs of a struggle. As Robert takes in the sight of blood, chains and a hospital bed, he urgently phones the police, now close to breaking point.

But what has happened to the permanently imperilled Rebecca? Has she been moved somewhere else? Or has the nurse decided to silence her forever?


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