Who caught Sharon and Keanu together on EastEnders?

The pair were observed kissing tonight

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As if the current EastEnders whodunnit wasn’t enough, we now get another mystery in need of solving: who caught Sharon and Keanu kissing? Tonight’s episode of the BBC1 soap was a real rollercoaster of emotions for the illicit lovers, with Sharon initially losing her rag with Keanu after it turned out that he’d reported Linda to the police after spotting her acting suspiciously by the canal.


Quoting the Mitchell philosophy that people should “never grass”, Sharon lambasted Keanu for his actions, only for him re-emphasise his desire to do the right thing in the eyes of the law after what happened recently to Keegan and Shakil. Later on, the pair made it up during a hushed conversation at the Arches – and ended up back in each other’s arms. But their latest tryst was cut short when they heard the door to the garage slamming.

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Knowing that someone must have been watching them, a startled Sharon went to investigate, only to find that whoever had been in a vicinity had now fled the scene. Only the viewers (and not Sharon) saw that the mystery observer was still watching on from a safe distance…

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So who is now aware of Sharon’s affair? What we do know is that young Dennis has form when it comes to this kind of thing, having witnessed Michelle and her American toy boy Preston together last year. Has he stumbled on a similar sight and will word now subsequently get back to Phil? Or could another Albert Square regular have got an eyeful? Has Keegan maybe come looking for his brother? Or maybe Hayley has come calling, seeing as she does have something of a soft spot for Keanu?

Whatever the case, EastEnders fans are bound to discover more when the soap returns tomorrow night at 7.30pm on BBC1.


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