Emmerdale: 5 big predictions for Sarah Sugden heart storyline “twist” (Spoilers)

Tragic heart donation? Andy back? Ambulance crash?

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Emmerdale is lining up some big drama for Sarah Sugden, whose current heart op drama looks set to take a dramatic turn, according to show star Matthew Wolfenden. The Emmerdale actor revealed on This Morning that an upcoming “twist” is going to be “absolutely brilliant” adding, “it’s coming up in three or four weeks”. So what exactly does Emmerdale have planned? Here are our top theories:


Sarah gets Lachlan’s heart
With killer Lachlan spiralling out of control, it can’t be long until his reign of terror comes to an end. So perhaps he comes to a gruesome end, with his heart getting transplanted into Sarah’s body? As an extra bit of madness, Sarah subsequently goes on to exhibit psychopathic personality traits and Debbie starts to wonder if Lachlan lives on through her daughter.

Sarah dies
As tragic would it be, we wouldn’t put it past Emmerdale to deal the Dingles a massive blow by killing Sarah off. Either the hospital doesn’t find a donor in time or Sarah opts to end her own life. Though this would be almost too grim to contemplate, surely?


Ambulance crash!
A heart suddenly becomes available, which means that Sarah has to be rushed to another hospital over the Pennines. But the ambulance she and her nearest and dearest are travelling in crashes! And here’s the twist: Graham (who’s driving behind them with Joe) leaps in to rescue Sarah from the burning vehicle, thus making amends for the tragic death of his own wife and daughter. Only Graham then ends up perishing and Sarah gets HIS heart.

Bails takes everyone hostage
Knowing that Charity won’t give up until he’s incarcerated, DI Bails loses the plot and holds Sarah and her family hostage at the hospital. Just as Sarah is about to go into theatre for her operation, obviously. Can Charity talk an unhinged Bails into releasing his captives?


Andy returns
Yes, it’s the perennial favourite when it comes to Emmerdale fan speculation: Kelvin Fletcher’s comeback! But if Andy DID return, he could have made secret plans to whisk Sarah off to wherever he’s living for private treatment. But will Debbie run the risk of accompanying Andy when he’s still a known fugitive? Or will this be the perfect opportunity for Andy to clear his name and move back to the village?


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