Lachlan to kill Belle AND Sam on Emmerdale? Eden Taylor-Draper on the “shocking” upcoming drama

"This is when Lachlan admits that he's done all of these terrible things"


Emmerdale’s resident murderer Lachlan White looks like he’ll be adding to his already sizeable body count in next week’s episodes when he has potentially deadly encounters with both Sam and Belle Dingle. Psychopathic Lachlan is already trying to hide his escalating panic as Robert and Priya grow increasingly suspicious of his actions, but it’s Sam who’s left in big danger when he discovers just how dark Lachlan can be.


Pretty soon, Belle will also start to feel like she’s caught in a waking nightmare when she finds a bloody hoodie and demands answers from her boyfriend. “It’s drenched in blood,” reveals actress Eden Taylor-Draper. “Lachlan tries to lie and says that he must have cut himself. But there’s so much blood on there and Lachlan can’t really explain himself. So that’s when Lachlan’s lies all start to unravel – he can’t control himself any more and it all starts to come out.”


So is this the moment that Lachlan finally confesses his sins? “This is the most shocking we’ve ever seen him. We’ve never actually seen him say out loud what he’s done. And this is when he admits that he’s done all of these terrible things. At this point, Belle is screaming at Lachlan to tell her where Sam is – and he says very calmly that Sam was getting in the way. So she thinks that her brother is dead.”

Now frightened for her own welfare, Belle bolts for the door and a struggle ensues as Lachlan tries to pull her back roughly. Then, in a twist worthy of a horror movie, Belle is left distraught when she discovers Sam lying bloodied and lifeless! Knowing he has to act quickly if he’s to remain at liberty, Lachlan grabs hold of Belle and forces her to leave with him.


Before long, Belle finds herself lying hurt in the road. But how did she get there? And will Lachlan really resort to killing the love of his life? “It’s very dramatic,” says Taylor-Draper. “Belle can’t believe that she’s been sharing her bed and her life with a serial killer. Hopefully she can cope with what’s happening to her, but we shall see…”


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