Liam left Bake Off last night and viewers can’t cope

The Bake Off 2017 semi-final line-up has been decided - but Liam Charles won't be in it

Great British Bake Off contestant Liam Charles

The Great British Bake Off 2017’s final four were revealed in last night’s Forgotten Bakes episode, with Steven, Sophie, Stacey and Kate proceeding to the semi-final after a gruelling episode making Savoy cakes, Bedfordshire Clangers and maggoty suet.


But the price of their triumph (apart from Stacey’s broken oven door) was the ousting of fan-favourite baker 19-year-old Liam, whose pizza-inspired Clangers couldn’t make up for undercooked pastry and overmixed sponge.

After getting a little emotional (along with host Sandi Toksvig when she announced his departure) Liam seemed to take the decision in his stride, saying he’d soon be back to take Paul Hollywood’s job – but many of his fans watching at home were far less magnanimous, expressing their ire on Twitter over what they saw as a grave injustice. readers tended to agree, with an astonishing 95% voting in our post-episode poll that he should have stayed.

Ah well – if nothing else, we’ll always have the gifs to remember him by.


The Great British Bake Off continues on Channel 4 on Tuesdays at 8.00pm