First Dates Hotel: You abs-olutely won’t believe what’s under Fred Sirieix’s suit

We weren’t expecting this when the maître d' took his shirt off


That bit at the end of First Dates that gives you a sneak preview of what’s to come in the next episode is normally quite tantalising. 


But the tiny trail at the end of First Dates Hotel last night had us hitting pause and rewind when it showed us what was coming up on the second episode of the spinoff dating series.

Maître d’ Fred Sirieix is seen donning a tiny – and we mean tiny – pair of blue Speedos to dive into the pool (well, they are in the south of France after all).

If Fred wearing micro-swimwear wasn’t jaw-dropping enough, it turns out that Fred also has a tattoo on his left arm and abs. Lots and lots of abs:

If the whole female population, and most of the male population, of the UK wasn’t in love with Fred already, we reckon this has tipped everyone else over the edge. But just in case, here he is one more time:


First Dates Hotel continues next Monday at 10pm on Channel 4