9 hilarious and bizarre translated movie titles

They are all INFINITELY better than the originals


In the UK, we have euphemisms for almost everything.


We don’t lie – we misspeak.

We’re not poor – but we might be economically disadvantaged.

And we’re never old – but we are mature.

The same cannot be said for many other countries. They say it how it is. No beating around the bush (to use a euphemism).

This often results in some wonderfully weird translations of movie titles…

1. No Strings Attached becomes… 

Sex Friends

This film is not about liberated puppets as the English title may suggest, it tells the story of lifelong friends – played by Kutcher and Portman – who take their relationship to the next level. The French title dispels any doubt you may have had about that. Flaunting their forthright sexual libertarianism, the French just decided to slap SEX FRIENDS on the poster. Quelle horreur. 

2. Pretty Woman becomes…

I Will Marry a Prostitute to Save Money

This is a very, very, very sceptical interpretation of a film where an LA businessman (Richard Gere) falls in love with a struggling call girl (Julia Roberts). An extremely cost-conscious translation from economic power China.


3. Bad Santa becomes…

Santa is a Pervert

Children, DO NOT READ ON. The Czech Republic makes a good point with their title. Bad Santa implies Billy Bob Thornton’s Father Christmas only wants a bit of fun, he doesn’t mean any harm. But actually in this film Santa is a sex addict. Sorry kids.