12 American words in TV and movies that Brits find confusing

Shooting the breeze? Realtor? These phrases will have seriously baffled you the first time you heard them. Even if you pretended to know exactly what they meant...




Checking the rain? Why are you doing that? And why does the other person look disappointed when you say it?

That sounds really quite dangerous because you’re definitely going to miss your target. 

You thought this might be something to do with the hairdressers — but then everyone started talking about sport.

A real what?

When you heard this on TV, you thought it was about robbers’ eyesight…

Excuse me?

We get that this is some kind of high school or university thing, but who are these sophomores? What year are they actually in? Are they from planet earth?

Everyone keeps saying they’re drunk when really, they just seem a bit annoyed.

You’re a quarter-back? That sounds like a painful condition…

Not even what? Why don’t Americans finish their sentences?

Lederman? Letterman? Letter man? Wait, is this some kind of garment postmen wear in the US?


You got what? Does it hurt?