Casualty: Tom Chambers returns to Holby as Sam Strachan

The former Strictly Come Dancing champion and Waterloo Road star will be back on screens this Saturday


Actor Tom Chambers will be back on the hospital wards this Saturday, but in Casualty rather than Holby City.


Former Strictly champion Chambers will reprise the role of Sam Strachan, who’s set to startle ex-love Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) when he arrives in the ED from New York with their daughter Grace.

The character of Sam has not been seen in Holby since 2008 but will be seen this weekend in the company of girlfriend Emma who, it transpires, is in need of an emergency operation.


Cue an intervention from scalpel-wielding Connie, who teams up with Holby City stalwart Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) to perform the procedure.

Speaking about the fraught moment, Chambers said: “We had a lot of fun filming those operation scenes, even though it looks so tense. It’s an awful situation for Sam – he’s working on a life-and-death situation with someone he loves, and he breaks down. So it falls to Connie to step in.”

As for how Sam fares in the company of his former girlfriend, Chambers added to Inside Soap: “The relationship between Sam and Connie is really exciting to play because no one can get under her skin like he can.

“Everyone else has to bow down to her because she’s the boss – but she and Sam have this domestic side and this history, so he can really fire back at her and make her uncomfortable.”

You can watch a clip of Tom Chambers’s return as Sam Strachan below:


Casualty can be seen at 9.20pm on Saturday on BBC1