Big Brother Timebomb: meet Aaron Frew

He took a selfie with Lady Gaga's dog


Name: Aaron Frew


Age: 24

Occupation: Model

Loves: Being himself, his mum (she’s tattooed on his foot), Instagram

Hates: Opinionated and judgemental people

Fun fact: At 5’7, he is a ‘short model’. Once took a selfie with Lady Gaga’s dog.

He says: 

I am good friends with some of the people from TOWIE like Joey Essex, Sam Faiers and Gemma Collins, but I have met the likes of Lady Gaga who I met through my friend who styles her.

I really want a swanky apartment with a walk- in wardrobe and a dog. I’d love to accomplish my mum understanding me more and if I become a celebrity from this then I’ll elevate that every year. 

Almost famous:

Here he is posing with Rita Ora.

And here he is dancing around in his skivvies.