What officially qualifies as Star Wars canon?

A Lucasfilm expert lays out the rules


Arguing about what ‘really’ happened in fictional stories about aliens and wizards has always been one of the sillier aspects of nerd culture (and remember, this is a culture that includes a Klingon to English dictionary.) Yet with the likes of Star Wars expanding their central story in ever more directions and mediums (films, cartoons, comics, mugs…) someone has to keep it straight.


Pablo Hidalgo is one keeper of the scripture at the Lucasfilm Story Group, and took to Twitter to explain how they smooth the cracks between different versions of the cosmic fairytale.

Interestingly, most of it comes down to knowing what not to care about. For instance, Hidalgo doesn’t believe in ‘canon dialogue’, and is bracingly dismissive of the ‘Han Shot First’ controversy that has dogged Star Wars since Lucas started tinkering with the films in the 90s.


“All that’s canon is that two people entered that booth,” Hidalgo claims “and Greedo died.”