Tom Hiddleston’s best film and TV roles

We take a look through some of the actor's most impressive on-screen performances

(Marvel Studios, TL)

Once hotly tipped as the next James Bond, Tom Hiddleston has been impressing us with his on-screen performances for years.


As well as appearing in mega studio films like Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, he’s worked with many of independent cinema’s most prominent auteurs, including Ben Wheatley in 2015’s dystopian drama High Rise, and Jim Jarmusch in the modern vampire tale Only Lovers Left Alive.

And in addition to his film work, Hiddleston can boast an impressive television pedigree, with his lead role in the BBC’s masterful 2016 adaptation of John le Carré’s novel The Night Manager receiving particular acclaim.  


What’s YOUR favourite Hiddleston performance? Take a look through 13 of his finest turns and see if it made the list…