One of the biggest surprises to come out of the 2023 Oscar nominations has surely got to be Andrea Riseborough's nod in the Best Actress category for To Leslie.


Until a couple of weeks ago, Riseborough's name hadn't been widely mentioned in the conversation regarding the category, and she had not received a traditional awards campaign.

Instead, Riseborough's nomination likely came as a result of a social media and word-of-mouth campaign from famous stars including Cate Blanchett, Edward Norton and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Because of To Leslie's nomination, film fans will now likely be flocking to catch the under-the-radar drama before the Oscars ceremony. But how can viewers in the UK watch it?

Read on for everything you need to know about how to watch To Leslie.

How to watch To Leslie in the UK

Andrea Riseborough in To Leslie
Andrea Riseborough in To Leslie Momentum Pictures

To Leslie is currently available to rent and purchase on a range of platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, YouTube and Google Play.

The film has garnered much attention over the past couple of weeks due to a campaign from big-name stars such as Charlize Theron and Kate Winslet, the latter of which called Riseborough's performance the "greatest female performance on-screen I have ever seen in my life".

Riseborough was officially nominated for the 2023 Best Actress Oscar on Tuesday 24th January, and in reacting to it, told Deadline: "I’m astounded. It’s such an unexpected ray of light.

"It was so hard to believe it might ever happen because we really hadn’t been in the running for anything else. Even though we had a lot of support, the idea it might actually happen seemed so far away."

Is To Leslie available to stream on Netflix?

Marc Maron in To Leslie.
Marc Maron in To Leslie. Momentum Pictures

To Leslie is currently not available to stream on Netflix, nor is it available via any streaming service subscription.

The film first premiered at South by Southwest film festival in March 2022, before being acquired by Momentum Pictures. It had a limited theatrical run in the US from October 2022.

What is To Leslie about?

Andrea Riseborough in To Leslie
Andrea Riseborough in To Leslie. Momentum Pictures

The official synopsis for To Leslie says: "Years after a lottery win, a West Texas single mother is alone, living hard at the bottom of a bottle. Nowhere left to go, she is forced to come home and confront her past."

Alongside Riseborough, the film also stars Andre Royo, Owen Teague, Stephen Root, James Landry Hebert, Marc Maron and Allison Janney.

To Leslie trailer

You can watch the trailer for To Leslie right here now.

To Leslie is available to rent and purchase on Amazon Prime Video. The Academy Awards will take place on Sunday 12th March.

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