Just a few months after it terrified cinema audiences, hit Australian horror flick Talk to Me is set to arrive on Netflix this week.


The film is the feature directorial debut of Danny and Michael Philippou – aka RackaRacka on YouTubeand went down a storm with fans and critics upon its initial release.

Indeed the film was so successful that a sequel has already been greenlit by A24, while the Philippou brothers have also revealed that they've shot a prequel that unfolds entirely on a mobile phone screen.

Talk to Me follows a group of friends who come into ownership of a mysterious embalmed hand that allows them to experience brief – but controlled – moments of demonic possession when they perform a certain ritual.

Of course, this being a horror film, things go terribly awry when the gang becomes hooked on the thrills associated with this act, which to all sorts pretty shocking and horrifying acts.

If you've watched the film and didn't quite grasp what was happening at the end – perhaps because you were watching the film through your fingers by that point – you can read on to have the Talk to Me ending explained.


Talk to Me ending explained: Does Mia die?

Towards the beginning of the film, we are introduced to best friends Jade and Mia, who are invited to a party where the embalmed hand is being used.

Things take a turn for the worse the next day when Jade's younger brother Riley decides he wants to have a shot of possession – much to his sister's annoyance.

The rest of the group let him have a go, but rather than being possessed by an unknown spirit, as has been the case for everyone else, his body is taken over by Rhea, Mia's late mother.

Due to this complication, the ritual goes on longer than the limit and Riley becomes fully possessed, which results in him being hospitalised with severe injuries after he smashes his face against a table several times.

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Mia is blamed for this by both Jade and her mum Sue, and she soon finds herself seeing visions and acting erratically, including on one night that she spends with Jade's boyfriend Daniel – during which he wakes up to find her sucking his feet.

Mia soon realises that the spirits from the hand are now following her and tries to contact Rhea again using the hand. She appears to be successful and is told that she must help Riley, who is still in a state of possession.

Later, Mia is told by her father Max that Rhea's death was not accidental, as she had previously been told, but was suicide.

However, things take another turn when Rhea's spirit later appears to Mia and tells her this is a lie on her father's part – only to then be attacked by another spirit resembling Max.

Amid the confusion, Mia accidentally stabs her father with a pair of scissors and is told by Rhea that Riley can only be set free if he dies.

Mia eventually returns to the hospital and enters Riley's room with the intention of killing him, but she is not able to follow through.

At the same time, Jade finds Max bleeding at Mia's home and returns to the hospital to find Mia pushing Riley in a wheelchair towards the road, with spirits encouraging her to push him into oncoming traffic.

But before she is able to, Jade intervenes and instead pushes Mia, which leads to a car crash. Mia is knocked unconscious and when she wakes up she finds herself back in the hospital where it is shown that both Riley and Max have been healed.

However, Mia's attempts to reach them prove fruitless, and it slowly emerges that she is no longer alive. Instead, she is now one of the spirits who can possess the partygoers who are playing the game with the embalmed hand...

Talk to Me is now showing in UK cinemas. Check out more of our Film coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on tonight.


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