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Some people think they can see the Dark Mark hidden in this photo from Nasa

What do you think, Harry Potter fans?

Published: Thursday, 25th February 2016 at 12:36 pm

Ever-vigilant Harry Potter fans think they have spotted something very dark in the depths of space.


A stunning picture taken by Nasa with the Hubble Telescope shows planetary nebula NGC 5189. It's 3,000 light years from the surface of the Earth, and an awe-inspiring image of the wonders of the solar system.

Or is it?


Because some Harry Potter fans think they can see You Know Who's Dark Mark hidden in the depths of space.


The symbol, a glittering skull with a snake emerging from its mouth, was conjured whenever a Death Eater killed. Voldemort's followers also bore the mark as a tattoo, and could be summoned by the Dark Lord.


So, looking at the image above (click to display full size), do you agree? Has the Dark Lord returned? Or is this all just some galactic hoax?



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