Seth Rogen, Bradley Cooper and Jake Gyllenhaal totally auditioned to play Cher in Clueless

These Hollywood A-listers are, like, majority channeling Cher Horowitz in this video...


If the idea of anyone aside from Alicia Silverstone playing Cher makes you shout ‘Urgh, as if!’ you need to watch this video.


Hollywood A-listers Seth Rogen, Bradley Cooper, Paul Dano and Jake Gyllenhaal have been rolling with the homies and reenacting scenes from the iconic 1995 teen movie Clueless.

They have been channeling Cher (aka the virgin who can’t drive. Sorry, that was way harsh) and they are, like, actually quite good at it. Rogen is especially convincing, while Gyllenhaal realises he actually has more in common with Cher than he originally thought.

“I talk like this,” he frowns, “which is a bummer.”


The guys do look a little, erm, ensembly challenged, though. If they really want a go playing Cher, they are going to need to up their sartorial game. Mini skirts and knee-high socks all the way…