Man takes out full-page magazine ad to pitch Die Hard prequel

That’s one way to get your ideas heard

While we’re sure there’s plenty of people excited to hear about the upcoming Die Hard prequel Die Hard: Year One, there’s one John McClane fan who’s gone a step further and drained his savings to try and get his ideas for the film in the right hands.


Eric D Wilkinson, a producer and writer on independent movies, says he “withdrew money [he didn’t] really have” to place a full-page ad in industry magazine the Hollywood Reporter, framing it as an open letter to star Bruce Willis and the team behind the new film before pitching them his ideas for the prequel/sequel.

You can read the whole ad above, but in case you want a potted version of the story idea, it’s this: young John McClane tried and failed to catch a murderer in the 1970s, only to find himself accused of the crime in the present day and sent to a supermax prison. While there, he gets wind of a scheme to break out a couple of terrorists who are planning an attack on America.

To quote Wilkinson: “However, the one thing [the] terrorists didn’t count on was the one man who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time…and when it comes to John McClane, old habits die hard.”


Basically, this sounds awesome and we hope someone in Hollywood was listening; but if not, we’d totally be prepared to launch some sort of Kickstarter to get this made. One way or another, we really want to see this film.