Jennifer Lawrence narrates this Beautiful Planet documentary – and it’s completely lovely

The Oscar-winning actress has leant her voice to a IMAX documentary film about seeing planet Earth from space


It’s the match made in heaven space we never knew we wanted. Jennifer Lawrence has leant her vocals to new documentary A Beautiful Planet. And it’s really lovely.


The Oscar-winning actress, who’s starred in the Hunger Games franchise, Silver Linings Playbook and Joy (to name but a few), has stepped out of shot to narrate a new documentary focussing on Earth as astronauts see it from space.

Made in association with Nasa, and filmed from the International Space Station, A Beautiful Planet “features stunning footage of our magnificent blue planet — and the effects humanity has had on it over time.”

The combination of jaw-dropping visuals, a thought-provoking message and J-Law’s lovely voice is one that is not to be missed.


A Beautiful Planet is yet to get a UK release date, but will be in American cinemas from 29th April.