Jamie Lee Curtis to star in two more Halloween sequels, due out in 2020 and 2021

David Gordon Green, who directed the 2018 instalment, will be back to helm both films

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 17:  Jamie Lee Curtis arrives at the premiere of Universal Pictures'

Two sequels to the Halloween film franchise have been announced, set to debut in 2020 and 2021 respectively – both of which will feature the star from the 1978 original, Jamie Lee Curtis.


The news arrives in the wake of the success of the eleventh instalment in the series, which debuted last year and saw Curtis reprise her role for the first time since 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection. Halloween (2018) took in over $250m at the box office, making it the most successful film in the franchise to date.

David Gordon Green, the director behind the most recent outing, will return to helm the films, which will be titled Halloween Kills (set to be released on 16th October 2020) and Halloween Ends (provisionally set for 15th October 2021).

In Halloween (2018), Jamie Lee Curtis played Laurie Strode 40 years after she had been terrorised by the masked killer Michael Myers. The movie found her as a reclusive grandmother who was praying for another chance at dispatching of her tormentor once and for all. Spoiler alert: she got it. But evidently, the battle isn’t over yet…


Also returning is Kyle Richards who played Lindsey Wallace in the original. It is unknown how her character will fit into the upcoming film.