A new Apple TV+ original film starring Jessie Buckley and Riz Ahmed imagines a futuristic dating landscape, where a machine is capable of telling couples if they've met their perfect match.


Anna (Buckley) and Ryan (The Bear's Jeremy Allen White) have received their guarantee, but the former still feels uncertain about their future together, which drives her to a job at the very institute which determined their relationship.

There, she meets Amir (Ahmed) and sparks begin to fly - but he, too, has been matched up with somebody else, which prompts them to question the elaborate testing system they had previously accepted as truth.

An exclusive clip from Fingernails has been released to readers of RadioTimes.com, which depicts the fateful first meeting between Anna and Amir. Watch now:

Previously, director Christos Nikou spoke to RadioTimes.com about his confidence in the two leads, as well as how he established the right tone on set.

He said: "I always had that feeling because I had never seen them in something romantic – both of them – but [I thought] they will have that chemistry.

"On set, I was always playing a song before every scene, I had a different song for every scene... and the song also was theoretically chosen by me in a way to create a different emotion for every scene."

Nikou continued: "So it was helping them getting into the mood, because they're not robots coming in saying, 'Okay, I will say this line.' They need to be in the right mood, and on set sometimes there is so much distraction.

"So I think that, with that technique, we helped them a lot to be in the right place."

Jeremy Allen White and Jessie Buckley in Fingernails in a car, looking awkward
Jeremy Allen White and Jessie Buckley in Fingernails. Apple TV+

Previously, Buckley has impressed in buzzy independent fare such as I'm Thinking of Ending Things and The Lost Daughter, with the latter earning her an Academy Award nomination.

Meanwhile, Ahmed took home an Oscar in 2022 for his live-action short film The Long Goodbye, which followed similarly acclaimed works including Sound of Metal, Nightcrawler and The Night Of.

The cast of Fingernails also features Schitt's Creek and Russian Doll star Annie Murphy, plus Luke Wilson (Stargirl) as the enigmatic founder of the film's central relationship-testing institute.

Fingernails is coming to Apple TV+ on Friday 3rd November 2023. Check out more of our Film coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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