Dwayne Johnson explains why Jungle Cruise was delayed by a full year

The movie was pushed back further than Disney's other films

Jungle Cruise

Dwayne Johnson has revealed why Disney delayed his Jungle Cruise film by a full year.


The studio was forced to push back several blockbusters due to the coronavirus outbreak, but the likes of Mulan and Black Widow saw far shorter delays than Johnson’s family adventure.

The Jumanji actor shed some light on the factors behind the decision in a new Instagram post.

Johnson said: “I feel great and bullish about this date as it gives us time for Disney to be fully operational in all their businesses – theme parks, hotels, cruise ships, but more importantly, it gives the world time to bounce back to living confidently, productively and joyously once again.”

The fact that he specifically mentions Disney’s theme parks and cruise ships suggests that these attractions could be used to promote Jungle Cruise upon its eventual release, but they are not currently operating due to the pandemic.

Jungle Cruise is based on a Disneyland ride, following in the footsteps of Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion.

Jungle Cruise stars Johnson alongside Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place) as an unlikely pairing who go in search for a tree said to have healing capabilities.

Jack Whitehall (Bad Education) co-stars as Blunt’s on-screen brother, while Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad) will play the film’s villain.

Initially scheduled for release on 24th July 2020, Jungle Cruise has been moved to a spot next year on 30th July 2021. A new trailer was released last month which shows the characters in action.


Disney recently announced a number of other changes to their release schedule caused by the coronavirus pandemic, setting a new date for their live-action Mulan remake as well as delaying their upcoming Marvel movies.