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Did you spot the clever message hidden in Poe Dameron's Star Wars flight jacket?

Oscar Isaac's outfit is REALLY detailed

Published: Wednesday, 3rd February 2016 at 8:20 am

This is why we love Star Wars fans. Millions of people have watched the movie by now, but it takes just one off-hand question to open up a whole new galaxy of fun.


A question like, 'What does the writing on Poe Dameron's flight vest say?'


Of course, someone, somewhere, had the answer.

Enter Tumblr blogger youneedapiilot, who quickly realised the letters were in Aurebesh, the Star Wars writing system. Each character corresponds to a letter in the alphabet, so it should be an easy translation job, right?


Hmm, not quite. Unfortunately the text is upside-down as we look at it, so you have to flip the main image to make sense of it.


That's better!

Youneedapiilot must have better eyesight (or higher resolution images) than us, because they were quickly able to make out the letters.

The result?


Pull to inflate

Yep, it's just a handy safety message for when X-Wing pilots have to ditch in water. These Star Wars costume designers think of everything.


Now for another question: would a life jacket still inflate in space?


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