Chris Evans can’t handle that shock Captain America comic book twist





Captain America is one of the most iconic, well-liked superheroes in the Marvel universe, but it turns out we might not know him as well as we thought we did…

Or at least, the comic-book version of him in new series Captain America: Steve Rogers #1.

The new series, which returns Steve Rogers to his youth and vigour after spending some time as a de-superpowered old man, came out yesterday and brought with it a surprise revelation.

That Steve Rogers is, and has always been, an undercover operative for the nefarious organisation Hydra. In other words one of our favourite superheroes has been a supervillain all along.

What does it mean for the Marvel universe?

“Steve is working to destroy the Marvel Universe as an agent of Hydra,” Marvel editor Tom Brevoort told Buzzfeed. “The most trusted hero in the Marvel Universe is actually a sleeper agent for Hydra. The entirety of the Marvel Universe has a snake at its bosom.”

And what does it mean for Captain America himself?


We’re not sure, but what we do know is that Chris Evans, who plays the character, is NOT okay.