Whether you’re selecting your Halloween outfit, planning a giant blowout party with planned choreography and a bespoke song, or chilling alone in your mojo dojo casa house, you’re going to need the perfect outfit. Luckily for you, Greta Gerwig's blockbuster hit of the summer, Barbie, has showed the world that pink is — most definitely — the new black.


With its endless line-up of Oscar-worthy outfits, from retro dresses to astronaut suits, we're going to be riding this Barbiecore rocket for a long time. If you're in the same Barbie Dream Boat as us, take a look at our best Barbie outfit ideas list.

In this list, you can expect to see everything from items worn in the actual movie to clothes that have been inspired by Barbie-mania. And, yes, almost everything is pink.

Finding the perfect movie and TV show-inspired costume is something the RadioTimes.com team loves to do — after all, who better to look to for inspiration than the digital platform of a magazine that has just celebrated 100 years of offering TV, streaming and radio guidance? We've also included a range of prices, because everyone on any budget should be able to look like Barbie (or just Ken).

So without further ado, here are the best Barbie outfit ideas on sale now.

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Best Barbie outfit ideas at a glance:

  • Nyx Pmu Barbie Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream, £7.50
  • Barbie Printed Baby Tee, £8
  • I am Kenough hoodie, £11.49
  • Barbie x Kitsch Pink Satin Hair Scrunchies, £13.50
  • Barbie Badge Rib Bandeau Mini Dress, £15 £12
  • Barbie MOTO Long Sleeve Shirt, £18
  • Barbie-inspired Cowgirl costume, £22.99
  • Barbie iPhone case with mirror, £24 £14.50
  • Barbie Oversized Cargo Joggers, £30
  • Barbie x Hello Kitty Shirt and Trouser Pyjama Set, £40 £24
  • Women's rollerblade outfit, £58.05 £27
  • Men's rollerblade outfit, £58.05 £27
  • Barbie Cozzzy Sandals, £59.99
  • ALDO Barbie stessy heeled shoes in clear fuchsia, £110 £66
  • Barbie x Vintage One Piece Black & White Bathing Suit, £87.99
  • Barbie Impala Lightspeed in-line roller skates, £180
  • Pink plaid dress Halloween set, £35.99 £25.99

Best Barbie outfit ideas 2023

I am Kenough hoodie

I am Kenough hoodie amazon best barbie costume ideas
BOSSETY via Amazon Amazon

If there's one message to take away from the Barbie movie, it's that you are Kenough. Throughout the film, Ryan Gosling's journey from jilted lover who only smiles when Barbie looks at him, to a liberated man is hilarious, heart-warming, and oddly poignant. Now, it's time for you to discover your own Kenergy with this 'I am Kenough' hoodie. Available at Amazon, you'll soon realise you're more than just Ken.

Buy I am Kenough hoodie for £11.49 at Amazon

Barbie Impala Lightspeed in-line roller skates

Barbie rollerskates

You will be able to go literally nowhere without these Impala roller skates, as worn in the movie by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Available now at Selfridges, these bright yellow skates are exactly what you need to roll down Malibu beach.

Buy Barbie Impala Lightspeed in-line roller skates for £180 at Selfridges

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Couple's rollerblade costume

Couples rollerblade costume best barbie costume ideas 2023
Couples rollerblade costume via LightInTheBox LightInTheBox

Now that you have your rollerblades, you'll need the outfits that go with them. Barbie's outfit comes with the leotard, shorts, and knee pads, whereas Ken's outfit comes complete with the jacket, shorts, inner garment, and knee pads.

If you're planning on attending a Halloween party in this attire, you'll be the coolest couple in the room, and certainly the most flexible!

Barbie x Vintage One Piece Black & White Bathing Suit

Barbie swimming costume

Fancy dressing like the original Barbie? Well, this black and white swimming costume would make an awesome Halloween costume as it perfectly matches the look of the first-ever Barbie doll. Complete with vintage sunglasses, this costume is going to fly off the shelves come October, so you might as well buy it now.

Buy Barbie x Vintage One Piece Black & White Bathing Suit for £87.99 at Fun.com

Barbie Printed Baby Tee

Barbie t-shirt

It's simple but classic. This white T-Shirt is the best way to show you've seen and loved the Barbie movie. Featuring the Barbie logo in baby pink, this tee will go with anything.

Buy Barbie Printed Baby Tee for £8 at Debenhams

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Barbie-inspired Cowgirl costume

Barbie cowgirl costume
Churgigi via Amazon Amazon

This cowgirl outfit is inspired by the one Margot Robbie wears in the Barbie movie, when her and Ryan Gosling's Ken arrive in the Real World, and they select some clothes to 'blend in'.

Let's just say, wherever you choose to wear this outfit, you'll definitely be the centre of attention. The cowgirl set comes with one pink jacket, bootcut trousers, and one silk scarf to complete the look.

Buy Barbie-inspired Cowgirl costume from £22.99 at Amazon

Barbie Badge Rib Bandeau Mini Dress

barbie dress

Come on Barbie let's go party! If you're gearing up for a night on the town, perhaps your Halloween plans include hitting the club with your friends, then you'll be ready to dance the night away in this Bandeau Mini Dress.

Buy Barbie Badge Rib Bandeau Mini Dress for £15 £12 at Boohoo

Barbie Cozzzy Sandal

Barbie Cozzzy Sandals best barbie costume ideas crocs
Barbie Cozzzy Sandals via Crocs Crocs

Is there anything more 2000's than this pair of Barbie Crocs? These beauties are available in electric pink with six Barbie Jibbitz charms, and they prioritise both comfort and style: the Barbie Cozzzy Sandals are lined with plush pink fuzz, have two straps, and foam footbeds, so this Barbie will be comfortable.

Buy Barbie Cozzzy Sandals for £59.99 at Crocs

Barbie iPhone case with mirror

Barbie phonecase
ASOS Barbie iPhone case with mirror £24

This isn't your average iPhone case, this is a Barbie iPhone case. The Barbie iPhone case functions as a mirror, so you can check your notifications and your face one after the other. Now available at ASOS, this case fits for iPhones 11/XR/12/12Pro/13 and 13ProMax.

Buy Barbie iPhone case with mirror for £24 £14.50 at ASOS

Barbie Oversized Cargo Trousers

Barbie trousers

Barbie may not need pockets but we definitely do. These cargo joggers from Boohoo are both gorgeous and useful, with at least five pockets and a drawstring to adjust the waist. Available to shop in sizes 6-28, these trousers are sure to become your ultimate comfort clothes.

Buy Barbie Oversized Cargo Joggers for £30 at Boohoo

ALDO Barbie stessy heeled shoes in clear fuchsia

Barbie shoes
ASOS ALDO Barbie stessy heeled shoes £110

In the human world we may have FLAT FEET (gasp!), but that doesn't mean we can't rock a pair of high heels when we need to. Take these jewelled fuchsia shoes from ASOS. As soon as you strap these on, you'll feel ready for anything... except maybe running.

Buy ALDO Barbie stessy heeled shoes in clear fuchsia for £110 £66 at ASOS

Barbie MOTO Long Sleeve Shirt

Barbie MOTO top

This Barbie is a Formula One driver. While in the real world we're seeing Max Verstappen win race after race in the F1 season, in BarbieLand you just know there's a hot pink Grand Prix going on. So, why not dress for the occasion with this MOTO racing shirt from Boohoo? You'll be the most fabulous petrolhead at the racecourse.

Buy Barbie MOTO Long Sleeve Shirt for £18 at Boohoo

Barbie x Hello Kitty Shirt and Trouser Pyjama Set

Barbie pyjama set
ASOS DESIGN Barbie x Hello Kitty pyjama set £40

Every night is girl's night when you're wearing these pyjamas from ASOS. This shirt and trouser set features the Barbie logo and Hello Kitty, meaning you're getting two icons for the price of one!

Buy Barbie x Hello Kitty Shirt and Trouser Pyjama Set for £40 £24 at ASOS

Nyx Barbie Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream

Barbie lipstick

Barbie has partnered up with Nyx to bring out a new line of makeup, including this matte lip cream. Available in 'Dreamhouse Pink' and 'Perfect Day Pink,' this lip gloss is vegan, cruelty-free, and will go perfectly with your smile.

Buy Nyx Barbie Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream for £7.50 at Superdrug

Barbie x Kitsch Pink Satin Hair Scrunchies

Barbie scrunchies
ASOS Barbie x Kitsch Pink Satin Hair Scrunchies £13.50

If hot pink clothes aren't really your style, then you can still add a bit of sparkle to your outfit with these pink satin hair scrunchies from ASOS. With rhinestones and gingham galore, they're the perfect accessory to any ensemble.

Buy Barbie x Kitsch Pink Satin Hair Scrunchies for £13.50 at ASOS

Pink plaid dress Halloween set

pink gingham dress, bow and jewellery
Amazon Amazon

There are countless looks served by Margot Robbie in the Barbie movie, but this has to one of our favourites. This Halloween set from Amazon effortlessly recreates Barbie's iconic pink plaid outfit, complete with hair bow and jewellery.

It doesn't just have to be for Halloween either; we could see this dress being the perfect outfit for a summer picnic or date night.

Buy Pink plaid dress Halloween set for £35.99 £25.99 at Amazon


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