Halloween is here again and so is plenty of costume inspiration. If you loved the iconic BBC drama Peaky Blinders, then the Shelbys could make for an ideal Halloween costume this year.


Peaky Blinders has been a style phenomenon in the UK ever since its release, with sales of flat caps rising by 83 per cent between 2016 and 2017 thanks to the huge popularity of the show. Now, following the show's final season — which came to our screens earlier this year — dressing up as the Shelbys could be just what the doctor ordered.

If you want to join in with the Halloween festivities but don't want to be dressed head to toe in some plastic-y, latex monstrosity of a costume, then a Peaky Blinders outfit could be the best Halloween costume for you! Slip into a suit, add a few styling touches to evoke the series's well-loved characters and you're in business. We're taking a look at a full array of Peaky Blinders costumes to help you get suited and booted for Halloween.

If you want to go the extra mile, you could even take a trip to the barbers and get yourself a Peaky Blinders haircut, the popularity of which has been another key indicator of the show's cultural impact. They've been in such high demand that GQ wrote a guide on how to ask your barber for one.

Don't fear though, our costume suggestions won't require you to lop off all your hair or buy a very expensive suit. The RadioTimes.com team has hunted down some great options so you can hit the town — or your next Halloween party — in style as a Peaky Blinder.

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The best Peaky Blinders Halloween costumes at a glance:

The best Peaky Blinders Halloween costumes

1920's men's accessories kit

Peaky Blinders accessories

This accessory kit can quickly and easily jazz-up any outfit, giving you a Halloween-appropriate Peaky Blinders look. Pair these accessories with a shirt and smart trousers and in no time you'll be playing Tommy or Arthur Shelby effortlessly.

It's an affordable option too, costing just £16.99 on Amazon right now.

Buy 1920s men's accessory kit for £16.99 from Amazon

Peaky Blinders Grace costume: 1920s women's outfit and accessory kit

Women's 1920s costume

This outfit and accessory kit is an easy way to get that 1920s Peaky Blinders style this Halloween. Whether you're embodying Grace Burgess, Ada Thorne, Polly Gray or Gina Gray, this look could suit you.

Right now it's a very affordable option too, with prices starting from £30.89 on Amazon, and includes a dress, gloves, earrings and more.

Buy 1920s women's outfit and accessory kit from £30.89 at Amazon

Peaky Blinders suit

Peaky Blinders suit

For men's costumes, the real kernel of the Peaky Blinders look is often a three-piece suit. Of course, for a Halloween costume you might not want to pay too much for a suit, but Slater menswear offer some very affordable options, starting at £99 at time of writing. You can wear it long after Halloween too.

Buy three-piece suits at Slater menswear from £115

Smiffy's officially licensed Polly Gray costume

Polly Gray

If Polly Gray — played wonderfully by the late Helen McCrory — is your favourite character from the series, then you're in luck. This fully licensed costume from Smiffy's recaptures one of her most iconic looks and is an ideal Halloween costume.

If you'd rather go for a more affordable option, you can also buy flapper dress sets from sites such as Amazon.

Buy Smiffy's officially licensed Polly Gray costume for £51.49 from Smiffys

Buy Ro Rox flapper-style dress from Amazon for £28

Smiffy's licensed costume with Peaky Blinders coat

Smiffy's costume

This officially licensed Peaky Blinders costume from Smiffy's gives you the whole kit-and-caboodle — everything you need to dress up as a Peaky Blinder this Halloween on a budget.

Prices start from £48.99 at time of writing and comes complete with a cap, coat and more.

Buy Smiffy's officially licensed Peaky Blinders costume from £42.99 from Amazon

Derby tweed baker boy cap

Derby tweed baker boy cap

If you've already got a suitable suit — perhaps one with a nice check pattern or a slightly retro cut — then all you'll need is the finishing touches.

This baker boy cap is an affordable and series-appropriate finishing touch. Just make sure that your razor blades are well hidden.

Buy Derby tweed baker boy cap from £21.95 from Amazon

Grace Shelby races day costume

Grace Shelby races day costume with pink coat, hat and gloves

If you fancy splashing out a bit more this Halloween, check out this beautiful Grace Shelby costume, true to the iconic season one finale at the races. The set includes a coat, hat and gloves, allowing you accurately recreate an important moment from the series - and it looks cute too.

Buy Grace Shelby races day costume for £50.99 from Smiffy's

If you're looking for another use for your Peaky Blinders costume post Halloween, don't forget to check out Peaky Blinders: The Rise. It's an exciting immersive experience that takes you deep into the world of the Peaky Blinders.

Buy Peaky Blinders: The Rise tickets from £46.20 at Love Theatre


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