The witch is back! and there's hell to pay... this Halloween, why not celebrate by dressing as one of the most infamous yet beloved witches in all of pop culture, Winnifred Sanderson?


Every year hundreds of Winnie's, Mary's and Sarah's roam the streets, all paying tribute to the Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus.

This year, we've done the spell work for you and gathered all the best Hocus Pocus costumers into one list – but first, we suggest a little context.

The original Hocus Pocus movie was released in 1993 and tells the story of an unsuspecting teenager living in Salem — the site of the world-famous historic witch trials in the 1690's — who accidentally resurrects three evil witches.

The film came out as a family-friendly comedy with a Halloween-appropriate spookiness to it, but it didn't originally fare well at the box office, losing Disney millions. However, there's a twist in the tale.

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In the years since, Hocus Pocus has become a huge cult hit thanks to yearly re-runs and iconic moments like Winnifred's I Put A Spell on You song. It's turned into such a cult classic that Disney released a remake in 2022 - and now there's even rumours of Hocus Pocus 3!

With that in mind we think dressing up as a Sanderson sister is a brilliant costume choice for this year, whether you're alone or in a group of three. We've also got accessories, costumes for kids and even pets!

So, come little reader, we'll take thee away, into our article of magic!

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Plus, you can watch Hocus Pocus this year on Disney Plus, so sign up for £7.99 a month.

Best Hocus Pocus costumes at a glance:

Best Hocus Pocus costumes to buy in 2023

Winnifred Sanderson costume

Hocus Pocus Halloween costume

This deluxe Winnie costume is a little on the expensive side, but frankly you'll be dooooomed if you don't buy it.

It's an immediately recognisable dress for anyone who's seen the films, and we'd recommend adding Winnie's signature hair-do as a wig, as unfortunately it's not included in the package.

Buy Officially licensed Winnifred Sanderson costume from £131 at Amazon

Buy Winnifred Sanderson cosplay wig from £12 at Amazon

Sarah Sanderson costume

Sarah Sanderson Halloween costume

If Sarah Sanderson is your favourite witch from Hocus Pocus, then this is the costume for you.

It's a little more affordable than the deluxe costume above, starting at around £42 and delivers that distinctive early modern look with a dash of colour and flare that's perfect for Halloween. You'll be running amuck amuck amuck before you know it!

Buy Sarah Sanderson Halloween costume from £47.99 at Amazon

Buy Sarah Sanderson cosplay wig from £13 at Amazon

Mary Hocus Pocus costume

Hocus Pocus Halloween costume

If you like riding around on hoovers or forming calming circles, then look no further than this Mary Sanderson costume.

This costume from Spirit perfectly captures her look from the films. It's officially licensed and includes Mary's dress, vest and apron, but you'll need to grab a wig to complete the look!

Buy Officially licensed Mary Sanderson costume from £54.06 at Amazon

Buy Mary Sanderson wig for £22.99 at Amazon

Billy Butcherson costume

Billy Butcherson costume from Hocus Pocus

If you've got a man in the mix, the best thing to dress them up as would be Billie Butcherson, Winnifred's unfaithful, and often headless, lover. This costume comes with a jacket, shirt and wig, so you can stumble around like a zombie to your heart's content, only mind your fingers!

Buy Billie Butcherson officially licensed costume for £53.50 at Amazon

Kids Hocus Pocus costume

Hocus pocus kids costume

This kids Hocus Pocus Halloween costume is available in three variations, offering dresses, cloaks and wigs for all three Sanderson sisters.

If Hocus Pocus is already your little one's favourite movie, firstly they've got very good taste, secondly, this is your chance to make their witchy dreams come true.

Buy Kids Hocus Pocus costume from £27.01 at Amazon

Affordable Hocus Pocus costume

The three witches in Hocus Pocus 2.
The three sisters in Hocus Pocus 2. Disney

This simple cloak is a great way to dress up as one of the Hocus Pocus witches this season without breaking the bank. Also, the cloak could be quite versatile for future Halloween events or other costume parties with historical themes.

The simple cloak is easy to wear over whatever outfit you have on and doesn't require as much preparation as some of the other, more in-depth costume ideas. It's a brilliantly simple option.

Buy Hocus Pocus cloak for £29.97 at Etsy

Pets Winnifred Sanderson costume

Hocus Pocus pet costume

Whether you've got a dog or a Thackery Binx cat, you can dress your best friend up as a Hocus Pocus character this Halloween. This outfit comes with the dress and wig included.

Buy Pets Hocus Pocus costume for £24.99 at

Book of Spells purse

Book of spells purse

If you're dressing up as Winnifred, you're going to need your own booooooooooook. Why not try this one that also doubles as a purse, practical and stylish, it's the perfect accompaniment to any witchy costume.

Buy book of spells purse for £39.99 at


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