Good news, football fans! It's the Carabao Cup final in February, and we have all the information you need to get your hands on some tickets.


Despite Newcastle being on the front foot after Tuesday night's win, their place in the final is not yet confirmed. And with Manchester United beating Nottingham Forest 3-0 in their semi-final last night, things are getting more exciting as we go into the second round of semi-finals next week.

Newcastle will play Southampton on Tuesday 31st and Manchester United will go head to head with Nottingham Forest on 1st February. And tickets for these second leg semi-final matches are also currently on sale. They start at £300 for the Newcastle v Southampton match at St James Park and £45 for the Manchester United v Nottingham Forest game at Old Trafford.

What we do know is that those two spots in the Carabao Cup final at Wembley Stadium are still all to play for.

The Carabao Cup — officially known as the EFL Cup — is the major domestic football league in England. This competition is open to any teams from the top four leagues in English football: Premier, Championship, League One and League Two.

It's been a gripping tournament so far this season. Southampton are hoping to make it to Wembley for the first time in seven years after they made it to the final in 2017, although their chances are looking slim after last night's defeat. They've been playing well in the league so far with an especially impressive win against giants Manchester City in their quarter-finals.

Newcastle, however, are having their best season in years - and for the side to get to the semi-final is seriously exciting for fans. Only time will tell if they make it all the way.

If it's looking increasingly likely that your team are going to make it to the final (Newcastle fans, we're looking at you), you might be thinking about trying to get hold of some tickets. It's not everyday you get to see your team play at Wembley, after all.

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With the Carabao Cup final taking place on Sunday 26th February, here's all you need to know to get your hands on some tickets and watch the game live at Wembley Stadium.

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How to get last-minute tickets to the Carabao Cup 2023 final

Carabao Cup 2023
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Tickets for the Carabao Cup final are set to be in high demand, with prices likely to reflect this, in fact, we think they're only going to get pricier as it gets closer to the match. At the moment you can also buy up to four seats together in some sections, which will certainly not be the case after the second rounds of semi-finals next week, when we expect to see a spike in popularity for tickets. So, if you know you want to go we'd definitely recommend buying sooner rather than later.

Tickets are on sale at the moment from LiveFootballTickets. You can buy for either club section, with the exact clubs playing being confirmed after the semi-final matches have been played. As usual, at Wembley there are also short side and long side tickets depending on your preferred view and budget.

At the moment, tickets are starting at £695, but the sky's the limit if you're willing to spend, with a pair of club level long side tickets setting you back a cool £2,950 each (that's £5,900 in total!).

Buy Carabao Cup final tickets for Manchester United/Nottingham Forest sides

Buy Carabao Cup final tickets for Southampton/Newcastle sides

There are also even pricier VIP hospitality tickets, such as in the Bobby Moore fine dining restaurant where you'll get a gourmet meal and unlimited champagne, as well as the chance to rub shoulders with football legends and celebs alike.

Buy tickets for the Carabao Cup final from £695 at LiveFootballTickets


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