David Green (1988)

15 Certificate


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Although he's best known as a musician, Phil Collins actually began his showbusiness career as a child actor. Here, he takes on his first lead movie role, playing Buster Edwards, one of the gang involved in the Great Train Robbery. Julie Walters plays his wife and they make the most of their roles as lovably cheeky cockney sparrers chirruping away in Acapulco after fleeing London. EastEnders-style clichés fall as thick and fast as the pair's "aitches", and, while Collins does his best, it's Walters who steals the limelight as a woman missing the comforts of home. Too squeaky clean to be believable, this is an entertaining but fairy-tale view of law-breaking.


Fact-based crime drama about the life of Buster Edwards, a member of the gang responsible for the Great Train Robbery. Going on the run after the notorious heist, he flees to Mexico with his family. However, his homesick wife struggles to adapt to her new life, leaving the outlaw with a difficult choice. Starring Phil Collins, Julie Walters, Sheila Hancock, Larry Lamb and Ralph Brown.

Cast & Crew

Buster Edwards Phil Collins
June Edwards Julie Walters
Bruce Reynolds Larry Lamb
Franny Reynolds Stephanie Lawrence
Nicky Edwards Ellen Beaven
Harry Michael Attwell
Ronnie Ralph Brown (2)
George Christopher Ellison
Mrs Rothery Sheila Hancock
Inspector Jack Mitchell Martin Jarvis
Sergeant Chalmers Clive Wood
Sir James McDowell Anthony Quayle
Poyser Michael Byrne
Justice Parry Harold Innocent
Fairclough Rupert Vansittart
Jimmy John Benfield
Walter John Barrard
Linda Carole Collins
Susan Amy Shindler
Director David Green
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Vestron PicturesGuidance: Violence, swearing, sex scenes and nudity. Available on: video and DVD