The Facility

The Facility

Ian Clark (2012)

18 Certificate


Our Score
It's a case of kill or cure for seven volunteers taking part in a trial for a new drug in director Ian Clark's low-budget first feature. With the guinea pigs confined to a remote medical facility out in the sticks, it's not long before the disparate group - comprising students, a journalist, a smug alpha male and a bolshie know-it-all (memorably played by Looking for Eric's Steve Evets) - become convinced all is not as it seems, particularly when night falls and the meltdowns begin. The movie is unnerving rather than terrifying or excessively gory, and Clark knows his horror set-ups - isolated space, dark corridors, maniacs running amok - but it's a tried-and-tested formula and there's little of the unexpected taking place. It's a pity, because Clark shows promise and the cast give energetic performances.


Seven volunteers sign up as test subjects for a drug trial, only to discover a side effect of the treatment is an uncontrollable murderous rage. The surviving patients and doctors band together to fight their way out of the hospital, but due to the way the test was carried out, nobody knows who received the drugs and who was given a harmless placebo. Horror, starring Aneurin Barnard and Alex Reid.

Cast & Crew

Joni Alex Reid
Morty Steve Evets
Adam Aneurin Barnard
Katie Nia Roberts
Carmen Skye Lourie
Arif Amit Shah
Jed Oliver Coleman (2)
Dr Mansell Chris Larkin
Madeline Emily Butterfield
Toby Jack Doolan
Howard Tim Parker
Director Ian Clark
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Momentum PicturesGuidance: Violence, swearing, brief nudity.Available on: DVD