The Fugitive

The Fugitive

John Ford (1947)

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This mesmerising adaptation of The Power and the Glory - Graham Greene's novel about a "whisky priest" - by director John Ford is seriously compromised by the censorship of the time. But, despite the fact that the central relationship is no longer a sexual one and Henry Fonda's priest is not an alcoholic, it remains resolutely convincing. Pedro Armendáriz is particularly fine as the moustachioed police lieutenant, and Dolores Del Rio smoulders as the woman, but the real star of this brooding opus is the magnificent outdoor photography from Gabriel Figueroa. At the time, Ford's non-westerns were regarded more highly than his westerns. This drama is a quasi-western, and all the better for being directed by such a master.


The government of a Latin American country outlaws Christianity, forcing a priest in a poor village to keep his identity a secret. A bandit thanks the priest for his kindness by helping him escape the country, but a police informant betrays him and leaves him facing certain death. John Ford's drama based on Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory, starring Henry Fonda and Dolores Del Rio.

Cast & Crew

Fugitive / Priest Henry Fonda
Native woman / Maria Dolores Dolores Del Rio
Police lieutenant Pedro Armendáriz
Police informer J Carrol Naish
Chief of police Leo Carrillo
El Gringo / James Calvert Ward Bond
Police sergeant Robert Armstrong
Refugee doctor John Qualen
Governor's cousin Fortunio Bonanova
Organ-grinder Chris-Pin Martin
Hostage Miguel Inclan
Singer Fernando Fernandez
Director John Ford
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