Pete Docter (2020)

PG Certificate


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Between the Monstropolis of Monsters, Inc and Inside Out's emotional headquarters, Pete Docter has long been Pixar's king of surreal worlds. That remains resolutely the case with Soul, the animation studio's 23rd film, which Docter co-directs with Kemp Powers (One Night in Miami). A matter of life and death that navigates its hidden depths with delicacy and world-building dazzle, Soul follows New York teacher Joe (voiced by Jamie Foxx), a frustrated jazz musician who meets an untimely demise. Determined to return to life from the "Great Beyond", Joe unites with sulky, unborn soul 22 (Tina Fey), sparking off a playful mix of celestial chase movie, body-swap romp, buddy movie, fish-out-of-water comedy and existential enquiry alike. Even if the free-jazz plotting seems initially wayward, the results brim with exuberance, invention, wit, and musicality. The film's disparate parts cohere beautifully in a bold take on life fulfilment that culminates in a finale as sweetly, softly poignant as Pixar's best.

Cast & Crew

Joe Jamie Foxx
22 Tina Fey
Moonwind Graham Norton
Terry Rachel House
Counselor Jerry Alice Braga
Counselor Jerry Richard Ayoade
Libba Phylicia Rashad
Dez Rawlings. Donnell
Curley Ahmir-Khalib Thompson
Dorothea Angela Bassett
Paul Daveed Diggs
Director Pete Docter
Director Kemp Powers
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UKReleased on: 27 Nov 2020