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What age rating is Pixar's Soul?

The latest feature from the animation studio once again deals with heavy themes in a light-handed manner.

Published: Thursday, 24th December 2020 at 9:00 am

There can be few film studios with a better track record of delivering wonderful family entertainment than Pixar, and its latest feature animation is another delight for adults and children alike.


Soul stars the voice of Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx as jazz lover and middle school music teacher Joe Gardner, who finds himself sent to the 'Great Before' after an accident while crossing a road – shortly after he'd landed a gig playing for legendary jazz musician Dorothea Williams.

In the Great Before, Joe is tasked with mentoring a particularly difficult 'soul-in-training' who has previously been unsuccessfully prepared for Earth by a string of historical figures – including Gandhi, Muhammad Ali, and Carl Jung – and must work with the soul to get back to Earth before his body dies.

As we've come to expect from a Pixar joint, the film deals with a number of deep subject matters and heavy themes in an accessible and playful manner, so what age rating has it been handed by the BBFC? Read on for everything you need to know.

What age rating is Soul?

Soul has been given a PG rating by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), which, of course, indicates Parental Guidance.

The reasons given for the PG rating, as opposed to a U certificate, are mild bad language and fantasy threat, with the longer description from the BBFC reading: "There is infrequent mild bad language ('c**p'), as well as milder terms, such as 'God' and 'butt'. There are scenes of mild fantasy threat, in which characters find themselves in another realm that controls life and death. The main protagonist dies, but this is comically presented, without any detail of injury, and he is immediately transformed into a colourful blob-like state.

"Other scenes contain darker blob-like beings, which initially appear threatening, but do not bring about any harm. There is also a scene in which a character is surrounded by looming figures who make belittling comments but the emphasis is on the resourcefulness of the protagonist to help rescue them both."

So while the film deals with the subject of death – in a similar vein to earlier Pixar smash Coco – it is done so in a way that should not be too disturbing for young children.

Soul arrives on Disney+ on Christmas Day 2020. You can sign up to Disney+ with an annual subscription for £59.99 or £5.99 a month.


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