Oliver Stone (2004)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Director Oliver Stone spent 15 years trying to bring this story of military genius Alexander the Great to the big screen. How sad, then, that an obvious labour of love should end up such a pompous and flaccid affair. An epic only in its running time, the film presents key events in the life of the golden-haired Macedonian conqueror (played by Colin Farrell), each lazily linked by the reminiscences of his ageing general, Ptolemy (Anthony Hopkins). As Alexander's obsessive empire building progresses, the visual detail is meticulous, crowned by two remarkable battle sequences. However, this sterling work is undone by preposterous dialogue and some leaden performances. Stone tries hard to inject passion and high drama, adding a Freudian backstory with mother Olympias (Angelina Jolie) and bravely embracing Alexander's assumed bisexuality. Yet, like his subject, the director is overly ambitious, constipating his feature with too much material and never really doing justice to any of it.


The story of the young Macedonian king who earned a reputation as one of the greatest leaders in the history of warfare. He led his armies against the mighty Persian Empire and embarked on an 11-year campaign to bring more and more nations under his rule. By the time of his death at the age of 32, he had created the most powerful empire in the world. Oliver Stone's historical epic, with Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Anthony Hopkins and Christopher Plummer.

Cast & Crew

Alexander Colin Farrell
Olympias Angelina Jolie
Philip Val Kilmer
Old Ptolemy Anthony Hopkins
Aristotle Christopher Plummer
Roxane Rosario Dawson
Hephaistion Jared Leto
Cassander Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Director Oliver Stone
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner BrosGuidance: May be edited for violence and nudity.Available on: video and DVD