Yasujiro Ozu (1959)

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Updating his own 1932 film I Was Born, But..., director Yasujiro Ozu has turned a feud between two small boys and their parents into a gently vibrant study of everyday life and a wittily wise treatise on the importance of communication. Shooting in his typically unobtrusive style, Ozu demonstrates again how fully he understands the human condition, as two businessmen face up to their shortcomings, a woman is driven from her home by gossip and a couple hide their true feelings in platitudes. In the midst of this misunderstanding and misery, the boys refuse to speak until their folks accept the westernising influence of television. Masterly.


Two youngsters refuse to speak until their parents buy a television, but the family elders grow increasingly concerned about the effect of such equipment on the art of conversation. Drama, starring Yoshiko Kuga, Masuo Fujiki and Eiko Miyoshi. In Japanese.

Cast & Crew

Minoru Hayashi, older brother Koji Shidara
Isamu Hayashi, younger brother Masahiko Shimazu
Keitaro Hayashi, father Chishu Ryu
Tamiko Hayashi, mother Kuniko Miyake
Setsuko Arita, aunt Yoshiko Kuga
Heichiro Fukui, English teacher Keiji Sada
Tatsuko Haruo Tanaka
Kikue, Tatsuko's wife Haruko Sugimura
Neighbour Teruko Nagaoka
Neighbour Toyoko Takahashi
Director Yasujiro Ozu
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Other Information

Language: Japanese +subtitlesColourAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray