Alastair Campbell’s daughter schools him in feminism live on LBC radio

"You still call women birds, you don't even think about the impact that has"


Former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell was challenged by his daughter live on air over his supposed feminist credentials.


Campbell received a surprise call from Grace Campbell as he was debating feminism at LBC, where he was sitting in for Nigel Farage. His daughter proceeded to grill the former political strategist, calling him out on referring to women as “birds”.

“To truly be a feminist they [men] need to unpick things,” she said, before proceeding to list her father’s various problematic habits.“You still call women birds … you don’t even think about the impact that has,” she said. “If you truly want to be a feminist, women aren’t birds, birds are birds, they fly, women can’t fly.”

Campbell seemed to try to crack a joke, interjecting with, “And I like birds. Real birds,” but his daughter continued.

“You call women women, you don’t call them birds,” she said. Campbell repeatedly disputed the claim, but promised not to use the term in the future.

Grace Campbell also criticised him for various other habits and behaviours, including neglecting to do his share of house chores and for being squeamish about periods: “If you really want to be a feminist you need to be able to talk about periods, periods are a natural thing.”

The former Blairite chief again attempted to make light of the situation, telling his daughter it was his turn to “educate” her, before asking her to “name three current Burnley players”.


She said she didn’t see the political point that would make, before Campbell appeared to lose patience and ended the call with: “All right, Grace, okay, stop nagging me.”