Warwick Davis: "I want to be in Doctor Who"

In an exclusive video from last night's Radio Times covers party, the actor also talks Life's Too Short series two

Warwick Davis: "I want to be in Doctor Who"
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Life's Too Short star Warwick Davis has admitted he'd love to land a role in Doctor Who. 

Speaking exclusively to Radio Times at last night's annual covers party - the celebrity bash to end all celebrity bashes - Davis suggested he'd be off for a chat with fellow guest and Doctor Who supremo, Steven Moffat, about writing a part for him. 

"I don't want to be the Doctor," said Davis, "but a villain would be good."

After collecting a framed Radio Times cover featuring himself and Life's Too Short co-creator Ricky Gervais, Davis also said series two of the comedy, about a dwarf talent agency, is in the offing. 

"Ricky and Stephen [Merchant] have just got to get their pens out and start writing," he said.