Formula 1 turns 70 this year - and to celebrate, the sport has partnered with Sky Sports for a new docuseries charting its history from 1950 through to the present day.


Race to Perfection consists of seven episodes, and will be broadcast on Sky One this autumn, including tonnes of archive footage and some brand new interviews with many of the sport's greatest figures.

Read on for everything you need to know, including how to watch and which F1 stars are set to feature.

When is Race to Perfection on Sky One and NOW TV?

The series will debut on 12th September on Sky One and NOW TV - in addition to F1TV - with all episodes available to watch live or on demand.

What is Race to Perfection about?

According to Sky, the series will cover “all the high-octane drama that has enthralled audiences across the world for decades” including some rarely and never-before-seen archive footage and upwards of 40 exclusive interviews with some of F1’s biggest names.

The list of those involved reads like a who's who of the sport - with those having their say on F1's history including Sir Jackie Stewart, Mario Andretti, Niki Lauda and Lewis Hamilton.

Meanwhile events featuring some of the other icons of Formula 1 - including including Juan Manuel Fangio, Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna - will also take centre stage.

Scott Young, director of Sky Sports F1, said of the project, “Formula 1 is an iconic sport with rich history, ever-changing as technology has rapidly developed over the last seven decades.

“We’re delighted to partner with F1 and produce seven programmes to tell that story in full detail.

“It’s a time to remember the storylines and glory of the past but also look ahead to the future. Our partnership with F1® over the next five years will give customers exclusive access as that captivating story continues to unfold.”

Race to Perfection episodes

The titles of all seven episodes have been announced by Sky Sports - check them out below, as well as the summaries of what each episode will cover.

EP 1 : Living the Dream

A look at what has made Formula 1 so special over the past 70 years.

EP 2 : Championship Deciders

Focusing on the championship deciders that have left their mark on the history of Formula 1.

EP 3 : Great Cars of Formula 1

An examination of the stories of some of the most successful machines over the past 70 years in F1 by those who were involved.

EP 4 : Triumph and Tragedy

Remembering the drivers who fought back from adversity to triumph - as well as those who lost their lives doing what they loved.

EP 5 : Controversial Moments

A look at the controversial moments and subsequent fallout that have left their mark in the dramatic history of the sport and still stir debate today.

EP 6 : Great F1 Teams

This episode looks at who created the most successful teams to dominate the sport.

EP 7 : Trailblazers

An examination of the icons ones who formulated new ways of working and brought success to themselves and those around them.

Race to Perfection trailer

You can get a head-start on the series by watching the trailer below - which is backed with archive footage and snippets of interviews with a range of F1 legends including Lewis Hamilton.


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