Gary Lineker's grey goatee is facing relegation after the Match of the Day's new facial hair took a pounding on Twitter on Saturday night.


The presenter appeared on Match of the Day sporting a wisp of silvered facial hair, and the new look ended up becoming more of a talking point than the matches themselves.

Russell Brand was one of the few who seemed impressed by the new look.

And yes, it didn't take long before Lineker's facial furniture had an account all of its own.

Lineker claimed it was a "Des Lynam, Jimmy Hill tribute," but in Match of the Day's 50th year there was little love for the retro revival.

Even Lineker's colleagues turned on him, including Match of the Day 2 presenter Mark Chapman.

By the end of the night, interest in the new look proved too much for the former Fox.

By the morning, the decision had been made.

Or had it? Lineker's wife Danielle has voiced her support for the "Robin Hood" look.

Will Danielle turn the Twitter tide? Tune in next Saturday to find out.