We saw you, Kylian. The stricken French superstar is the highest-profile name at the tournament, and therefore the highest-profile name walking the proverbial disciplinary tightrope.


Mbappé broke his nose following a nasty collision with an Austrian defender, but was nudged back onto the pitch by French team coaches to sit down and bring play to a halt so he could be substituted. Yellow card.

He is one of 37 players who were booked in the opening round of matches, while Scotland's Ryan Porteous became the first and only player to be sent off.

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Of course, yellow and red cards will stack up with each passing match, but how will they affect players and teams across Euro 2024?

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How many yellow cards for a suspension in Euro 2024?

If players receive two yellow cards in the tournament, they will receive an automatic one-match ban.

In a bid to cut down on players surrounding referees, officials have been empowered to give yellow cards to players – other than team captains – who approach them.

When are yellow cards wiped in Euro 2024?

Yellow card totals will remain until the end of the quarter-finals before the slate is wiped clean.

At the end of the quarter-finals, totals are effectively scrubbed off, meaning players cannot miss the final by virtue of collecting yellows.

However, two yellow cards in a game and red card suspensions may still apply for the final.

How long is a red card suspension in Euro 2024?

If players receive a red card at Euro 2024, they will receive an automatic one-match ban.

The punishment remains the same whether a player receives a red card via two yellows or a straight red.

However, UEFA's disciplinary body have the right to increase the suspension on a case-by-case basis.

Unfortunately for Porteous, this is exactly what UEFA chose to do in his case. He will serve a two-match ban, meaning his tournament is over unless Scotland qualify for the round of 16.

There are no appeals for yellow cards or red cards in the tournament.

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