Neighbours pulls out all the stops as the Dee Bliss mystery is finally solved with almost an entire week of episodes devoted to the blockbuster bonkers plot that finally explains the character’s fate 16 years after she seemingly drowned.


Beginning on Monday 8th July, Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) finds his world turned upside down when his missing-presumed-dead-wife comes back into his life and the full extent of her duplicitous doppelganger Andrea Somers’ machinations are revealed.

Since Madeleine West returned in 2017 as Andrea ‘Fake Dee’ Somers, who posed as disappearing Dee as part of an elaborate financial con, fans have been desperate to know what really happened to Dee herself.

Over the last two years the storyline has been a masterclass in clever plotting and audacious twists, keeping addicted fans guessing what the next gloriously insane development will be.

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But if you thought things had been crazy up until now prepare yourselves for ‘Dee Week’ (as we’re dubbing it): here are six unmissable, insane, and downright delicious moments to look forward to:


Andrea and Dee’s clifftop confrontation conclusion

The (literal) cliffhanger of the lookalikes’ first meeting on a precarious Byron Bay precipice picks up on Monday 8th July when Dee is full of questions for this woman who looks exactly like her. Why has she tracked her down, and what does she know about her old life in Erinsborough? Out of her depth, Andrea tries to flee but the blondes come to blows and a tussle on the cliff's edge ends in one of them falling… Plunging into the ocean from a great height twice in 16 years? Let’s hope Madeleine West has a better stunt double than the notorious ‘mannequin in a wig’ from the 2003 car crash.

Andrea poses as Dee AGAIN…

Meanwhile, shifty Ian turns up at Toadie’s place telling him the woman he knew as ‘Karen’ (actually Real Dee) is on her way to Ramsay Street to explain everything. Andrea hot foots it back from Byron Bay having survived the clifftop skirmish and feigns upset at the prospect of Dee’s return before announcing she's leaving.

But Andrea and Ian have set the whole thing up, and the person who then arrives on Toadie’s doorstep claiming to be Dee is – you guessed it – Andrea in a boho wardrobe and wavier hair pretending to Ms Bliss. She plans to tell Toadie he has to let her go… But where’s Real Dee?


Meanwhile, Real Dee poses as Andrea!

She’s been rescued by Heather Schilling (Kerry Armstrong), Andrea’s erratic mother who then holds her hostage in a motel room in order to keep her out of Andrea’s way so her daughter can carry out her crazy plan. Quickly getting up to speed with her unstable captor’s intentions and desperate to save Toadie from being duped, on Tuesday 9th July resourceful Dee plays on Heather’s confusion and insists she is Andrea and they need to get back to Erinsborough as Real Dee is with Toadie and could ruin everything!


Confused Toadie faces Dee and Andrea at the SAME time

Heather falls for it and, on Tuesday 9th July, the moment fans have been dreaming of finally occurs when Toadie finds himself facing Andrea AND Dee in the same room at the same time – with both of them claiming to be the wife he thought he’d lost… Could this be the most mind-bending moment in Neighbours history?!


Andrea and Heather are arrested

The jig is up when Real Dee recalls the last words Toadie said to her on their doomed wedding day before the car went into the sea and reveals a scar caused by the crash. Andrea’s attempts to do a runner are foiled when daughter Willow tackles her outside, while Heather is busted by local cop Mark Brennan. For Fake Dee it’s all over, but for Real Dee it’s only just beginning – and there are a LOT of questions…


Dee reveals what REALLY happened 16 years ago

On Wednesday 10th July, as the dust settles on the frankly ridiculous developments, Toadie gets answers as to how Dee survived the 2003 disaster, what she’s been up to in the intervening years and – most importantly – why she stayed in hiding for so long. Neighbours promises it will be traumatic, surprising and emotional – but it will ultimately be too much for Toad to bear, and he tells Dee to return to Byron Bay.

On Thursday 11th July, before she respects his wishes and leaves, she gives him her old diaries from the missing years hoping it helps him understand her ordeal. After all that, surely this isn’t the end?

If nothing else we’ll all need a lie-down before the next phase of this fantastical saga begins…


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