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Neighbours cast Stefan Dennis' son in new "bad guy" role

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, apparently

Neighbours Stefan Dennis
Published: Wednesday, 6th May 2020 at 12:57 pm

Neighbours' Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) is well known as a tyrant and a rogue, but he's going to have competition soon from a newcomer.


In the coming weeks, Stefan's own son, Declan Dennis, will make his way to the Neighbours cast as Erinsborough's latest villain in a guest role.

Declan will play "bad guy" Louis Curtain, and although his storyline is being kept under tight wraps, we know he won't have much to do with Paul.

Speaking about his son's new role, Stefan proudly said: “I’m obviously very proud that Declan has chosen to, not so much follow in my footsteps but to make his mark in the world of show biz. Contrary to what people may think, he did this on his own - apart from the dad taxi bit! So , yes very proud and happy to pass on some wisdom from my years in the biz.

“The great thing about him working on the show is that now we do our lines together at night. Fortunately, he’s not opposed to getting a bit of advice and coaching from me, and it’s fun to see him take direction so easily and turn up good scenes. He even gives me a gem to think about sometimes, you never stop learning in this industry.”

Neighbours Declan Dennis and Stefan Dennis
Neighbours' Declan Dennis and Stefan Dennis

But did Declan pick up any hints and tips from his dad?

“Dad didn’t so much help me just play ‘the bad guy’ it was more about helping me develop the character as a whole. But it is fun being a bit of a chip off the old block," Declan explained.


Although Declan and Stefan live together, they will still have to comply to the strict rules in place on set, which requires them keeping a 1.5 metre distance from each other.

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