Events move fast in Neighbours, but thankfully we've got you covered with our helpful guide to what's coming next in Erinsborough.


Here's every spoiler you need to know for Neighbours:

Monday 3rd February - Friday 7th February

David and Aaron's baby woes

Neighbours David and Aaron
Neighbours' David and Aaron

It's a huge week for David and Aaron as they ponder how to have a baby of their own. The pair have grown in confidence looking after Elly's little girl and are desperate to have their own family. They keep thinking of Lisa and her admission of wanting to consider alternative options for another child and taking some outside-of-the-box inspo, ask her if they can co-parent. Initially, Lisa says she'll think about it and naturally the boys can't help but be excited - that is, until Paul gets wind of the idea.

However, their plan is scuppered when Lisa discovers she's pregnant to her ex and while Aaron is gutted, the ordeal has a bigger impact on David who is completely devastated. David breaks down in a conversation with Paul about how he wishes he wasn't gay because it makes the process of becoming a dad so much harder. Crafty Paul has an idea up his sleeve, but will he make David and Aaron's dream come true?

Danger for Yashvi

Neighbours Yashvi
Neighbours' Yashvi

Poor Yashvi has been working super hard to get into the police force - even abstaining from a sexual relationship with boyfriend Ned. But it seems it might have been a big waste of time as someone is out to get her... While heading to do her exam, Yashvi's car leaves a big puddle behind and soon her vehicle is smoking dangerously. She instantly calls Ned for help and like a knight in shining armour he saves the day. But he can't help think it's sabotage and wonders who's behind the plot.

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Later on in the week, Ned gets a threatening text from Zenin and it seems Yashvi's in serious danger. At the same time as her acceptance into the police academy, Ned realises the walls are closing in, but can he save his girlfriend before it's too late?

Harlow causes a big problem for Finn

Neighbours Finn
Neighbours' Finn

It's the new school year and Harlow is off to Erinsborough High, but before starting, she strikes up a conversation with Bea and Finn, seemingly to find out more about the latter's history as a teacher. Initially it all seems friendly, but Harlow appears later on in the garage and the Community Centre where Finn works to pester him. Bea starts to wonder if things are a little odd, but that's only just the beginning.

Harlow and Mackenzie are at school when Hendrix struts his stuff and removes his shirt in front of them. Harlow becomes transfixed by the sight but then becomes pretty shaken after she thinks she might have a crush on him of all people. Karl overhears everything and later chats to Bea about Harlow's possible crush before connecting the dots - and realises she fancies Finn! But she doesn't, it's Hendrix she has a crush on and it's later confirmed when the bad boy does some shirtless, one-armed press-ups in front of her.

At the end of the week, Harlow focusses on her psychology studies and heads back to Finn to find out what's what, but ends up prompting him too much about his previous psychopathic tendencies. Finn's triggered but will he be able to push past his demons?

Elsewhere in Erinsborough...

Kyle is shocked to discover a toy gun in a kids' bag, but he is horrified to learn it's actually real... what's it doing there?

Chloe organises the Lassiters Mardi Gras float and is desperate to pull out all the stops. But with Paul breathing down her neck, will she ever be able to find something everyone approves of?

Dipi and Gary grow close as Shane fears he'll never get his love back - but has he got the wrong end of the stick?


Neighbours airs weekdays on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm